These team building events help women learn to fight through obstacles and overcome them while learning to be strong, confident and fearless. You get to step out onto the gym floor with 2 of your best friends and compete! All the fun of competition, without that nerve-wracking feeling of going at it alone! Which event are you registering for?!

GGRx Oly Open 2021

March 31st - May 2nd, 2021

The Oly Open is a Ladies Only Online Olympic Weightlifting competition (non-sanctioned).

We are all about Lifting each other up and what better way then to lift heavy, cheer each other on, and perhaps PR.


- 5 Weeks Long (Mar 31st-May 2nd)
- 3 Weight Divisions
- This is an individual online event
- Perform your lifts anywhere

🇨🇦  Use Code: Canada


The Fun

Every week is a new Lift which will be announced on Wendesdays with scores submitted by Sunday night

All Competition Lifting will be done in pounds or entered in pounds

Videos will be requested from only the top lifters each week, we highly suggest you film everything.


3 Weight Divisions

Division 1: Up to and including 130lbs
Division 2: 131lbs up to and including 157lbs
Division 3: 158lbs and up

Cash Prize

The more that lift, the more we pay!

The Prize Pot will be divided out between the top 1st place lifters in all weight divisions. Each week we will also have prizes for the top lifters in each division!



Download an e-book with fun ideas and opportunities to “host” the Oly Open at your gym!


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6 Week Oly Open Training Program


GGRx Canada Garage Gym Series 2021

June 9th - June 27th, 2021

Garage Gym Series is an Individual Co-Ed Online 3 Week Competition. 


- Every week we will release 2 workouts for the athletes; 1 strength focused and 1 conditioning workout to follow.

- The workouts will be released on Wednesday and must be completed by Sunday night.  

- This co-ed individual event has a Rx & Scaled Division. 

- Must video your workouts and videos will be requested from top scores from each workout.

Untitled design (17).png

The Fun

How is this competition different?

The workouts MUST be done in a Garage Gym within Canada! A great chance to hang out with friends, check out garage gyms, and have a blast!

The more that register, the more we pay!
The Progressive Prize Pot will be divided out between the top 1st place athletes for both male and female and for both divisions. 
Final Pot will be announced for both divisions after registration.
Prizes will be given out each week for various workouts and we will have some options for winning random giveaways throughout the event!

Garage Gym Requirement:
- Workouts MUST be completed in a home or garage gym. Doesn't need to be your home gym, so find a friend or a local meet-up community and workout together!! It can be outside, a park, a garage, etc.... just not in an official business so we can keep it centred on the garage gym community. 
- Just remember to record your workout.

Equipment List:
- Squat Rack
- Pull Up Bar
- Barbell/Collar/Weights (enough to max a lift)
- Dumbbells: Rx 50/35lbs, Scaled 35/20lbs
- PlyoBox or something with 30,24,20" options
- 1 Inch Dowel (PVC Pipe, Broomstick, etc)
- Jump Rope